Additional Services

Additional Services

AzteQ partners with a number of specialist organisations within the Education sector to provide advice in a number of specific areas including:

Curriculum Advice

If required, we can introduce an independent consultant, who works with schools for the improvement of the new curriculum for computing as well as the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching. Using a flexible and creative approach to both strategic and practical needs, support can be offered to embed technology across the school community:

  • Strategic planning for whole school development using technology to impact on outcomes for children
  • Curriculum design to integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum to enhance learning and teaching
  • Subject leadership support to develop creative and innovative use of technology
  • MLE (VLE) implementation and embedding into practice
  • Safeguarding support to incorporate e-safety into the curriculum
  • ICT Mark accreditation

School Furniture and Learning Environments

We can provide assistance for determining the right school furniture which is hard wearing and complimentary of the surroundings, blending space usage and functional requirements to create unique environments that inspire and motivate. We can also help with classroom design to make the best out of your classroom spaces with all the elements that make for optimal study spaces.

ISP Transition

We have introduced and implemented the ISP service provision to a number of schools and successfully completed transitions to organisations such as LGfL. We would be pleased to provide input to the school’s stakeholders and assist with the following:

  • Physically connecting up the ISPs connection to the correct equipment and VLANs
  • Update all network equipment including switches with the new LGfL IP address
  • Disconnecting and removal of the existing core equipment.