ICT Strategy

ICT Strategy

AzteQ helps identify the main ICT challenges schools face, in order to assist with providing a vision for the future.


Our approach is to build long-term relationships based on open dialogue and strategy roadmaps. We encourage client review meetings to analyse the SLA performance, strategise and conduct contract reviews, which are documented as part of our quality assurance accreditation.

We are invited into the decision making process for the procurement of new technologies. As a vendor independent, trusted advisor, we provide an impartial approach to helping clients find solutions to their specific needs.

In our role as an ICT support provider, we are often responsible for driving forward our clients’ strategies over either a one year or three year timeline. This means that we are involved in discussions with school leaders and teachers in order to bring together the contributions of different stakeholders to achieve a stated and strategic aim (e.g. disseminating the use of new in-class technology with the buy-in of all stakeholders).

AzteQ is well versed in carrying out these roles, which require both a formal framework but also a personable hands-on approach to managing relationships. The strategy will generally include:

  • Creating and developing a clear ICT plan to reflect the school’s needs
  • Reviewing LAN and wireless infrastructures and determine areas for improvement
  • Identifying future technologies and provide suggestions for bespoke applications
  • Guiding the school through technological challenges and o er cost savings for all ICT areas
  • New build requirements 

Please take time to view how we assisted Green Lane Primary & Nursery School from an initial ICT Strategy meeting.